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ZENQAI 10X42 Compact Monocular Review

If you are looking for a high powered monocular that is just as good as any binocular out in the market, you should definitely check out this brand. It comes with a monocular magnification that can magnify up to ten times the original and it is paired with a hefty lens to ensure superb optics that are just perfect for viewing the most beautiful birds and much more.


  • Bright and clear optical glass eyepiece with multilayer coating, useful in low light
  • Single hand focus
  • Waterproof, fog proof
  • Tripod
  • 10x magnification with 42mm objective diameter
  • Powerful, compact, lightweight


If you are looking for a monocular with a bright and clear visual register, you should definitely try the ZENQAI 10X42 Compact Monocular. Each optic piece is multicoated, which means that it provides superb light transmission and brightness so that you can use it even on low light areas such as shaded areas and near cave mouths or other areas that are shaded or receive little light but not no-light at all.

You can use it still at around dawn up until dusk, and therefore extend its use and maximize it to your full advantage. If your outdoor activity starts super early and extends up until the end of the day, this is definitely the right scope for you.

Its single hand focus allows you the freedom to multitask as it does not demand the use of both hands while scoping.

Especially if you are a hiker with lots of things on your back or on your hand, or if you are scaling a difficult trail and need a hand to support yourself, or if you are climbing and have only one free hand to take a look at a passing eagle, this scope is definitely your best bet. Its single hand feature ensures your comfort, convenience, and most of all, safety while you are out doing your adventures.

To really bring out the outdoorsman in you, the ZENQAI 10X42 Compact Monocular is waterproof and fog proof. This means that even if you are submerged in the swamps somewhere in the tropics, you can use your monocular comfortably without the fear of having it wet with splashes or an accidental drop.

Since it is waterproof, pouring rain will not be an issue and you can still see through it like a charm. It is also fog proof so that you can be assured that no droplets that gather around the lens can permanently affect its performance.

In case you need a hand at holding your monocular, it comes with a tripod so you can rest your arms if you are viewing something for an extended period of time and so that you have a steadier base with a precise aim of view.

You will need this steady aim because this monocular comes with a 10x monocular magnification that is powerful and efficient in spotting something far away with up to ten times the distance. You are also assured of perfect optics with its 42mm lens. Nothing could possibly miss you with this scope.

Despite the ZENQAI 10X42 Compact Monocular’s efficiency and quality, you can still be assured that you will be able to carry it around with you with ease. Its powerful optics and quality lenses are paired with convenience and portability so that no matter how challenging your hike is or how much you will be moving around, this scope can fit just right in your bag with no trouble at all.

Whether you are out for camping, bird watching, fishing, traveling, or attending sporting events or even concerts, this scope could be your best buddy on the field.


Since it is a monocular, this scope may not be too comfortable to use for long periods as it is known that monocular scopes may cause eye strain with prolonged use. In addition, this particular brand and model comes with a fairly large lens.

With these specifications, you can expect a monocular that is roughly the size and weight of half of a similarly powered binocular. Still, it is relatively lighter and more portable than a similarly powered binocular.


If you like it small but not too small, you can consider this brand – it is sort of like a midway between a binocular and a super compact monocular so that you can still get the magnifying power or a 10 magnification binocular, coupled with the single handed convenience and portability of a good old monocular.

You can also consider the ZENQAI 10X42 Compact Monocular if you are not too particular with the weight aside from the size. For as long as you do not have any plans of fitting one in your pocket, you’ve got a good enough size to store in the side pocket of your pack.

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