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There is so much in life that we want to see. Whether you are out on a boat or on a hike, you want to take in as much as you can. This is where purchasing a new monocular comes into play. It is a great way to view things at a distance, preparing you for a hike, or preparing you for a hunt.

Finding a monocular can be challenging these days, simply because there are so many being offered on the market right now. If you have never bought one before, or you are looking to replace an old one, how do you know which one to buy and which to stay away from?

In order to help with your decision, we are going to review the F. Dorla Waterproof 25×30 Vintage Pirate Monocular. F. Dorla is a manufacturer known for their commitment to products that have a fantastic look, are affordably priced, and also actually work. If you have taken the time to look at a list of monocular online, you have seen that they definitely range in price and there are many well over a hundred dollars. This product however is for anyone on a restricted budget, who does not want to spend a lot of money but still wants a product that works. So, is this worth purchasing?


The F. Dorla Waterproof 25×30 Vintage Pirate Monocular has been made with a variety of features to ensure long-distance viewing at an affordable cost.

First of all, let’s start off by talking about looks. This is a fantastic looking monocular, that is very vintage, and is inspired by a typical pirate monocular. This is why a lot of kids are drawn to this product, as it is a perfect toy for playtime to use the imagination. If you have a child that loves pirates, and loves dressing up, this is a perfect monocular to go with their attire. However, this is not just a children’s toy.

This features a very high power and quality for being so small and concise. It is incredible lightweight, making it easy to take mobile whether you want it on a hike or out on a boat. This monocular has been made out of aluminum alloy that has been plated with a golden look. The part that you hold has been covered with high-quality leather, ensuring your comfort level, especially when using for a long period of time. For coming at such a low price, it does look extremely high end.

As for the specifications of the monocular, it can magnify up to 25 times and the field of view is around 1,000m. The diameter of the monocular is 30 mm and the minimum distance on which you can focus is 6.5 away. When it is contracted down, it measures only 5.3 inches; when extended the measurement grows to 13 inches. This device will allow you to see objects for a great distance, and it can be used for bird watching, seeing an animal from far away, or keeping a close eye on someone.

With the purchase of the F. Dorla Waterproof 25×30 Vintage Pirate Monocular you not only get the device but you also get a leatherette case in which to carry it around. This product is super portable. The eyepiece is a collapsible type so you can compact it even more and pack it away when it is not in use. You will never miss something very important that is at a great distance away.

Once you purchase the F. Dorla Waterproof 25×30 Vintage Pirate Monocular, how are you going to use it? The first rule is that when you put it away, you always want to ensure the scope is folded to avoid unwanted damage to the viewing mirror. When you want to use it, pull the Barlow out and point the lens towards where you want to look. When you look through the eyepiece, it will be magnified. By pushing the Barlow in, it is going to focus on the object you want to see. If it goes out of focus, simply pull it the Barlow back until it maintains the focus. Sometimes it can take a bit of pushing and pulling of the Barlow to get the perfect focus. The eyepiece is where you can rotate, and sharpen the image you are bringing into focus. If you have any difficulties, a thorough user manual comes with the product.


  • For both adults and kids
  • Amazing price
  • Easy to use


  • Focusing takes a bit of time
  • Not as high end as other monoculars

Final verdict

Purchasing a monocular comes down to your own personal situation and what you intend to use it for. This is why we recommend taking our advice and doing further research before making a final purchasing decision. This will allow you to avoid all disappointment and ensure that you are making the right choice.

With that being said, it is hard not to love the F. Dorla Waterproof 25×30 Vintage Pirate Monocular. We think this is a great tool, that is absolutely perfect for kids. The look alone is what drew us to this product in the first place, as it looks like an authentic pirate’s monocular. Every child that we have seen play with the monocular absolutely loves it. But the reason we think this is a great product is that it goes much further than just being a toy. It absolutely works, and adults can enjoy it when out in the wilderness or on the water and want to see something at a further distance. One of the best aspects about theF. Dorla Waterproof 25×30 Vintage Pirate Monocular is the affordable price. It will not cost you a lot, works great, and will add a lot of fun to your family. Obviously if you are an experienced hunter or hiker looking for a high-end monocular to use, we recommend looking elsewhere.

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