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On a quest to find the best small monocular that will give you the value for money? Then, you’re in luck! With hundreds of choices both online and at local stores, we understand how searching for one can be very tiring and time-consuming. But because we got your back, we took it upon ourselves to do all the legwork for you.

In this article, we’ll share with you our top three picks along with their key features, highlights, and some setbacks. In that way, you won’t have to waste your time searching, buying, and unboxing mediocre models.

With the wide range of functionalities that each of these monoculars offers, we guarantee that you will find the perfect model to use whether you’re into hunting, bird watching, or hiking. In fact, the ones we’ll present to you here can even be used for performing professional surveillance.

Top Three Best Small Monoculars

In reality, owning a good quality monocular is an excellent alternative to carrying a pair of its more famous counterpart—the binoculars. Although some may consider it just half as good, the convenience, portability, lightweight, and compact design of monoculars would definitely make you want to have your own.

Below is a comprehensive comparison of three of the best small monoculars on the market today. Excited to find out which one suits your needs and preferences most? Then, keep reading!

Luwint Aoneky 10X40 Compact Monocular

Key Features

  • Powerful 10X40 Magnification

For a clearer, brighter, and more extensive range of view, invest in this quality yet small monocular from Luwint Aoneky. It is equipped with a trusted magnification technology that lets you see 10 times closer. Additionally, its 40mm lens will also provide you with a wide range of view.

  • Advanced Coating Technology

If you’ve been doing this hobby for quite some time, then you might have had a few monoculars that just can’t deliver a clear picture. Luckily, with this model’s multi-layer broadband green film coating, you are provided with a more realistic view of the scenery. It boasts a light transmission rate of around 95% or more.

  • Dual Lens Adjustment Feature

Both the eyepiece and lens focus are adjustable, allowing you to meticulously observe objects as near as 1.5 meters.

  • Lens Cap

Of course, splurging on a monocular is not for everyone. Thus, when you do get one, it is imperative that it be well taken care of. Fortunately, this model comes with a lens cap that can protect your precious little beast from dust, fog, and rain.

Notable Highlights

  • Can be used at night with enough light source
  • Fairly lightweight at only 12 ounces
  • Compact and comfortably fits in a small pouch
  • Very easy to use
  • Comes with its own storage bag and lens cloth
  • Can use for various activities like sightseeing and bird watching
  • Can clearly view objects within a 1.5- to 22-meter range
  • Could be an excellent gift idea

Minor Setbacks

  • Lens cap does not fit snugly and securely on
  • Eyecups do not fold or roll down


BUDDYGO 12X50 High-Powered Prism Scope

Key Features

  • High-Power 12X50 Magnification

This small monocular from BuddyGo provides you with a large field of view, which range from 131 to 1000 meters. Its 12×50 magnification power is perfect for any activity from bird watching to hiking and hunting.

  • FMC Green Film Objective Lens

The lens boasts multiple layers of green film coating that guarantee the best viewing experience minus all the glare. Additionally, this technology also means that more light can enter the scope, thereby providing you with a clearer picture.

  • Intelligent Design

This small but terrible monocular has a solid frame designed with rubber band stripes that act as a shock absorber. In addition to being shockproof, it is also waterproof and dust-proof.

  • Adjustable Eye Cups and Shelf Bracket

This monocular is designed with a focusing wheel that can be operated single-handedly. Combine that with the adjustable eyecups that can be bent up or down and you got yourself a monocular that is perfect for your needs.

  • Standard Tripod Threads

If you want to have a steady viewing experience, this monocular can make that happen. It comes with a standard tripod mount socket that allows you to attach the monocular for a more suitable and steady view.

  • Smartphone Adapter

This monocular provides you with the option to record what you see via its smartphone adapter. In that way, you can share high-definition pictures of the distant beauty to your friends and family.

Notable Highlights

  • Provides a crystal clear view
  • Can be used for various activities
  • The adapter is compatible with almost all smartphone models
  • Can withstand even the worst weather condition
  • Slip-on design ensures a secure grip
  • Very easy and comfortable to use
  • Very lightweight at only 14 ounces
  • Comes with a lens cover, cloth, hand strap, and pouch
  • The package includes a small tripod
  • Hassle-free assembly
  • Does not take up a lot of space

Minor Setbacks

  • Might not hold smartphones with screens larger than 5.5 inches
  • Manual lacks more detailed instructions, especially for beginners
  • Delivers some picture distortion on the edges


Xgazer Optics 8X42 Compass and Rangefinder Monocular

Key Features

  • Powerful 8X42 Magnification

This monocular has an effective lens diameter of 42mm and a zoom power of up to eight times. This means that you watch your subject from afar without any difficulties.

  • Compass and Rangefinder

In addition to a powerful magnifying lens, this monocular also boasts a built-in compass and rangefinder. These features would allow you to calculate your distance from your target as well as its size.

  • FMC Lens

In order to guarantee the best viewing experience, this monocular has a quality, fully multi-coated, anti-reflective coating. As a result, you get to have a crystal clear view regardless if you’re using it during the daytime, dusk, or nighttime.

  • Intelligent Design

Whatever the weather, you don’t have to worry about damaging this monocular. It boasts a durable body that is also waterproof and fog-proof. The body is then engulfed in a rugged, rubber armor to ensure a secure grip. What’s even more amazing is that it comes with a retractable eyepiece, making it the perfect monocular for eyeglass- and non-eyeglass wearers alike!

Notable Highlights

  • Can withstand all kinds of weather
  • Boasts a 100% non-slip grip
  • Comes in a compact design
  • Very lightweight at only 16 ounces
  • The package comes with a soft carrying case, wrist strap, and lens cloth
  • Fits nicely and securely in the hand
  • Works in low-light conditions

Minor Setbacks

  • Low-quality wrist strap and carrying case
  • Indicator marks for the rangefinder are blurry


The Verdict

After laying out all the features, pros, and cons of each monocular, which one do you think is best? If you ask us, then we’d definitely go for either the BuddyGo 12X50 High Prism Scope or the Xgazer Optics 8X42 Monocular. You’ll find these two genuinely worth your money.

On the one hand, the BuddyGo comes with its own mini tripod to provide you with a clear view with minimal shaking. On the other hand, the Xgazer is equipped with built-in compass and rangefinder. Indeed, what more can you ask for?

Then again, it all boils down to what you want and need. We just hope that we have provided you with enough details to help you decide which of these three would make it into your arsenal of hunting, bird-watching, and hiking equipment. Good luck shopping!

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