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The Monocular is an oft-overlooked piece of viewing equipment. Usually overshadowed by binoculars or smaller telescopes, the monocular is a very convenient tool that offers the same viewing quality but with added accessibility. The best night vision monocular may not be as elusive as you may think. 

Monocular vs. Binocular

First things first, what is a monocular compared to a binocular? Well, the main difference between the two is that the monocular only requires the use of one eye. 

Another difference is that the monocular produces 2D images while binoculars add the impression of depth, presuming that the person using it has standard binocular vision.

The monocular is the ideal tool for people with vision in only one eye, or for those that experience difficulties using binoculars due to vision impairment such as poor vision in one eye or significant eyesight variation.

Monocular: What’s In Store for Us?

The monocular serves many different purposes, and these uses are not limited to providing solutions to those with impaired visions; however, it is indeed a handy tool for that purpose. Persons with impaired vision may use the monocular for seeing objects that are at a distance, which people with atypical vision may have no problems with such as reading text from a  range.

The monocular is also perfect for any activities wherein you may find yourself in need of a binocular: bird watching, sightseeing, star or sky gazing, sporting events, and the like.

More compact monoculars can even be used at concerts, art galleries, or even the opera to get a better, closer view of things.

With the popularity of binoculars, the monocular is not only less known but also less widely available with a smaller selection on the market. But just because the selection is more limited than that of binoculars, it does not mean that choosing the best night vision monocular means just picking whichever pops up first in a Google search.

While across the board, most monoculars will have the same functions, there are still several factors to consider when choosing yours. For example, what will you need it for?

Depending on what activities you have in mind for the monocular, it will dictate just how compact and lightweight you will need it or whether or not you will need it to have additional features such as night vision.

The Best Night Vision Monocular: Three Picks Best On the Market Today

To help you on your way to choosing the best monocular for you and your lifestyle, here is a review of three great pieces of equipment:

Solomark Night Vision Monocular

The Solomark Night Vision Monocular is a great viewing tool that has a Blue-infrared Illuminator that allows for viewing in the dark.

This monocular also records videos and images, making it great for any number of activities from the more mundane activities such as recording words on a chalkboard, to capturing great moments out in the field.


  • The monocular has multi-coated glass objectives, integrated color LCD screen, a high sensitivity sensor, and a 7-level IR LED illuminator.
  • It allows you to view up to 328 feet or 100 meters in the dark, allowing you to get the brightness you want.
  • Allows you to take videos and photos at any time, making sure you never miss a moment out in the field and can capture details that are as true-to-life as seeing it with your own eyes.
  • The Solomark Monocular is incredibly compact and perfect for field work: it can be tripod-mounted, is easily packed into a bag, and even linked to a binocular harness.
  • It is covered with rubber on the external surface, allowing more grip and preventing accidental drops.


  • Incredibly explicit photos and videos, even during the evenings. The night vision works fantastically.
  • Perfect for many outdoor activities, it’s easy to tote around too.


  • Comes with a bit of a learning curve, especially when putting in the recommended batteries. The lack of directions doesn’t help this.
  • You’re unable to change the date and time, and the videos and photos remain at 640 x 480 resolution. 

Occer 10X42 High Power Monocular

The Occer 10X42 High Power Monocular is a waterproof monocular with BAK4 multi-coated zoom lens that is compact and has a great HD dual focus scope. It also has low night vision that makes it great for hunting, bird watching, camping, or even outdoor sporting events or activities.


  • This monocular comes with a 10x magnification through its 422mm objective lens, allowing you to see 10x closer with clarity; meaning you can appreciate beauty even at a distance.
  • Has an 18mm eyepiece with BAK4 prism and a big field of view, letting you feel more comfortable when you’re using the monocular.
  • The 42-millimeter objective lens is fully FMC multi-coated.
  • Has an adjustable eyecup, allowing this monocular to fit and be used by more people. People who wear eyeglasses can also use this without disturbing their experience or make them feel uncomfortable.
  • The monocular is waterproof, compact, and can be used with a single hand.


  • Compact, easy to travel with. It’s also very durable and comes with two waterproof caps for either end, so you don’t have to worry about scratches when you stuff it into a bag.
  • Very handy for outdoor activities as it comes with a mount to attach a tripod if you need extra stability.
  • Gives you a clear and crisp viewing experience, even at long distances
  • Overall, very convenient handling and good image quality


  • Tripod and other accessories are not included

Qable Powerz(TM) 10X42 HD Clear Dual Focus Monocular

The Qable Powerz monocular is a 10×42 high-powered, dual focus monocular that is perfectly portable.


  • This monocular is designed with comfort in mind. It has adjustable eyecups and a 10×42 monocular scope that is very comfortable to use and provides you with vivid viewing experience.
  • It has a magnification of 10x, a field angle of seven degrees, a monocular size of 150 x 60mm, an eye lens with a diameter of 18mm, and an objective lens with a diameter of 55mm.
  • The eyecups are adjustable and can be twisted up and down; the lens is fully multi-coated.
  • The focal length can be easily adjusted, and the HD zoom optical lens is constructed with a one-hand focus wheel making it very user-friendly.


  • Very high-quality images, perfect to appreciate the beauty of nature
  • Fits perfectly and comfortable in one hand and is light enough to keep hold of even during long trips, without feeling like you want to lob your arm off
  • Good for anything from general viewing to animal watching
  • Tailored for the outdoors with its dust-proof and water-resistant feature


  • Very light night vision, so it isn’t the greatest for night time viewing


These three monoculars are great across the board, and the one thing that will determine which one is best for you is the reason what you need them for.

For a standard monocular that you can efficiently use even indoors despite it being designed for the outdoors, the Qable Powerz is an excellent choice.

It has all the necessary functionality of a monocular, but with its low night vision, you won’t be toting it around for any night time adventures though it’s great for everything else and light enough that you won’t feel burdened using it indoors.

The other two models, Occer and Solomark, are best used outdoors, with the latter providing slightly better features and specifications for the best viewing experience. If you’re after a monocular for outdoor activities, then Solomark’s is the one for you.

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