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Ohuhu Mini Monocular Review

Anybody who has searched for a high quality outdoor monocular knows the frustration that comes from typical bargain brand models.  Shoddy optics, flimsy housings and other manufacturing pitfalls turn your field day from blissful retreat to major migraine.

Thankfully, Ohuhu has stepped up to provide a budget-friendly monocular that exhibits workmanship well above its price point.

Ohuhu’s monocular melds precision optics and a rugged design into a package both small and light enough for pocket carry.  With its high magnification, weather proofing and excellent light collection, it excels at all hobbies requiring a portable handheld scope.

Main Features of Ohuhu’s Mini Monocular

  • 12x magnification
  • Adjustable focus wheel
  • Objective lens diameter of 52mm
  • “Field of View” of 62m at 1000m away
  • Adjustable eyecups
  • Non-slip, rubberized outer housing
  • Solid steel tripod, carrying case, cleaning cloth and instruction manual all included
  • Multicoated glass optics with BK7 prisms and dustproof caps
  • Eye lens diameter of 20mm
  • 6 inches in length
  • Weight of 300 grams
  • Supports wrist lanyard attachment

Pros of the Ohuhu Mini Monocular

The Ohuhu Mini Monocular’s 12x magnification provides a far sighting range, much greater than many similarly sized monoculars. Better still, its adjustable focus wheel makes it useful in a variety ranges closer than its maximum sighting distance.

The 52mm objective lens collects an impressive amount of light for this size of monocular.  The improved light collection translates into a clearer, more detailed image, especially in low light conditions.

This works in tandem with the relatively wide field of view to permit observation of large landscapes at a distance.

Adjustable eyecups on the monocular move up and down to allow comfortable viewing for users with glasses or other eyewear.  This is a feature not typically seen on similarly priced monoculars, or at least, one that is often poorly implemented.

The monocular’s rubberized outer housing prevents slippage in damp or precarious viewing situations while providing shock resistance for improved durability.  The rubber housing also excels at warding off scrapes and cuts, and retains a sleek aesthetic even after mistreatment.

The included tripod has full range of motion and adjustable height, providing a plethora of setup options in unstable terrain.  Solid steel construction ensures that it is just as durable as the monocular it is supporting.

The included dustproof lens caps protect the Mini Monocular’s high quality optics from collecting any grime from the outdoors.  A weatherproof housing provides supreme environmental protection for use in rugged conditions.

Perhaps most impressively, the Ohuhu Mini Monocular makes use of real, multi-coated glass lenses.  Glass optics provide substantially better image quality than the plastic optics often incorporated into cheaper monoculars.Multi-coated optics drastically improve image contrast, as compared to non-coated or single-coated optics, by reducing internal reflections.

Cons of the Ohuhu Mini Monocular

Although solid steel forms the included tripod, it is somewhat unstable for the weight of this monocular.  While the tripod may prove too shaky for precision use, the monoculars tripod mount is universal.

This means that other tripods on the market can easily serve as a replacement.

In addition, the BK7 prisms used in this monocular’s optical system tend to create distortions in the edges of the image.  These distortions become gradually more apparent as light levels decrease.

It is worth noting, however, that monoculars with prisms that mitigate distortion are often several hundred dollars greater in cost.

Finally, despite manufacturer claims, the Ohuhu Mini Monocular is not entirely waterproof.  While it can withstand heavy rains, submersion for any period of time will likely ruin the optics.

Scenarios Where the Ohuhu Mini Monocular Shines

With its compact design and low weight, the Ohuhu Mini Monocular is easily toted in pant pockets, backpacks or vests.  Its portability makes it the perfect companion for field excursions that require a rugged, high powered monocular.

The Mini Monocular has been praised for its outstanding performance in bird watching, hunting, camping, hiking, sightseeing, surveillance, and watching races. In essence, any daytime event requiring a light and durable scope is the perfect time to use the Mini Monocular.

Scenarios Where the Ohuhu Mini Monocular May Not be Appropriate

Although Ohuhu did an outstanding job of packing maximum light collection into a tiny package, size limits the Mini Monocular.  In its current form factor, it can never hope to collect enough light to be viable in nighttime viewing situations.  This makes the Mini Monocular impractical for applications like stargazing.


Ohuhu has managed to make a monocular as impressively light and compact as it is durable.  Best of all, they squeezed top quality optics into it, and all for an incredible value.

While tripod accessory may be slightly lacking, the Mini Monocular itself exceeds expectations.  If you require a reliable, high performance monocular as a trusty sightseeing companion, Ohuhu’s Mini Monocular definitely has you covered!

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