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Monoculars Telescope Compact Waterproof 16x52 By Kimfoxes Review

Are you looking for a quality telescope that is perfect to carry to any sporting event or camping? Do you want a telescope that you can use in rain or in foggy areas without any issues?

Well, get yourself the Monoculars Telescope Compact Waterproof 16×52 by Kimfoxes that offers great magnification so that you do not have any problems sighting distant items. This is a perfect telescope to use for bird watching, traveling and for all outdoor activities.

It offers 16 x magnifications through the 16×52 wide monocular and quality prism lenses. It is very easy to use and can be operated with one hand.


Some of the attractive features of the Monoculars Telescope Compact Waterproof 16×52 by Kimfoxes are as follows:

  • It is a versatile telescope that can be used for hunting, hiking, adventure, camping, fishing and beach trips
  • It offers clear vision, even in  low light and poor weather conditions
  • The objective lens are of high-quality with a diameter of 2.028 inches and eyepiece of 1.6 inches
  • Dual focus feature ensures that you can look at long distance with clarity and distinctively
  • Offers 16×52 clear and sharp view wherever you are looking and make all distant objects look neat with great clarity


  • Lightweight and compact, hence can be easily carried for outdoor trips
  • Great brightness and light transmission  due to multi-coated optics
  • Waterproof and fogproof
  • High-quality and powerful transmittance lens and eyepiece for perfect viewing
  • Durable lens made using BAK4 prism material


  • Blurry images of far off objects
  • The eye width is a bit narrow
  • Limited field of view


The Monoculars Telescope Compact Waterproof 16×52 by Kimfoxes is the best and affordable telescope that you will come across to meet all your adventure trip needs. It comes with great transmittance lens and the equally good eyepiece to make sure that far and distant objects are spotted easily through the telescope.

The body is made using rubberized plastic and hence is very rugged and highly durable. It can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and is also waterproof and fog proof. It is lightweight as well and hence carrying it in your travel kit will not be an issue.

It can be operated with one hand. The adjustable focus allows you to easily and quickly get a clear picture of the distant objects. The lens is made suing BAK4 prism material and hence you will enjoy a clear and bright view of the targeted object even in poor light conditions.


In order to know how well and effective the Monoculars Telescope Compact Waterproof 16×52 by Kimfoxes is, it has to be compared with two other models of similar features. The first monocular telescope chosen for comparison is the Miluo Tech 16×52 Dual Focus Monocular Telescope.

All features like multi-coated optics, dual focus facility, 16x magnification, 52mm objective diameter and compact size on offer in the monocular telescope from Kimfoxes is also seen in the Miluo Tech monocular telescope. With dimensions of 1.6 x 2.1 x 5.8 in offered by Kimfoxes to the 2 x 2 x 5.7 in offered by Miluo Tech and with a lower price tag, the Kimfoxes 16×52 adventure monocular telescope is a very good choice.

The second monocular telescope that is chosen for comparison with the Kimfoxes telescope is the HDE 15x-55x Zoom 21mm compact modular. The features of the HDE telescope are lightweight, single hand use, compact, 21mm objective lenses and 15x – 55x zoom.

It carries a price tag of $14.99 whereas the Kimfoxes monocular telescope is just offered at $9.99. This one is most suited for bird watching, but the Kimfoxes telescope can be used for a lot of outdoor activities that includes hiking, fishing, and bird watching.

The dimensions of HDE 15x to 55x telescope is 4.25 x 1 x 1 in and the dimensions for the Kimfoxes telescope is 1.6 x 2.1 x 5.8 in. Despite being a bit larger in size, the Kimfoxes offer more features, affordable price and better uses than the HDE telescope.


From the above comparison, it is seen that the Monoculars Telescope Compact Waterproof 16×52 by Kimfoxes is an ideal monocular telescope to use for both professional and novice adventure enthusiasts.

It comes with very easy to use feature so that anyone using the telescope for the first time will not have difficulty in using it to spot distant objects and targets. It has adjustable focus that offers very spotting of distant objects.

With quality prism lens and a field of view of 98m/8000m, it is a must have in the kit of every outdoor adventure enthusiast. Some of the impressive features like compactness, versatility, water and fog proof, lightweight and high durability, etc., makes this monocular telescope a favorite among adventure fanatics.

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