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How To Use Monocular?

The Monocular can be used for a variety of activities. All you need to have is the proper equipment and knowledge about its various features. You can easily get to see objects in the far distance with the help of this device.

One of the most preferred ways of using them is for spotting animals and other things in the wild. Apart from that, it is also widely used in various military applications wherein the monocular is fixed on top of the rifle to get a clear view of the target.

It is available in various sizes and you can choose whichever suits your everyday operations.

Steps to use the Monocular in the correct way

  • Always use it close to your eyes
  • Make sure that you place it in front of your dominant eye
  • If you wear glasses, do not remove them while using Monocular
  • Adjust the focus manually till you get the clear view of the object
  • Make sure that you have a proper grip for the device
  • Using the tripod will give you the best view without any disturbance

Keep it close

You should always keep the monocular as close as possible to the eye. This will help you in many ways to get a clear view of the target. To begin with, this will avoid light entering your eye from any gap and this will help you to focus on the target without any hassles.

Apart from that, this will also give you good field view and you will be able to see the objects clearly in magnified form with the help of the monocular.

Use the dominant eye

Many people are not aware that one of their eyes may be better than the other one. You can test it yourself by using the standard procedure for testing eyesight to determine the dominant eye.

If you are not sure about how to go ahead with this test, you can consult your optician and get your eyesight tested. This will give you the proper readings for the eyesight and you can easily use whichever is close to perfect readings. In this way, you can be assured that you will get the best view from the device.

Use it along with glasses

If you wear glasses, you should not hesitate to use them while using the monocular. This will help you to get the best view possible and you need not have to adjust the focus too often to get a clear view of the object.

Make sure that you maintain the monocular close to the glasses so that outside light cannot enter and spoil the view.

Manually adjust the focus

Once you are set with the best position, you should first look at the object with your naked eyes and hold your position without moving your head. You should ideally fix the nose in the line of the object.

After this is done, you can hold the monocular as mentioned in the above steps and get the clear view of the object. You may have to adjust the focus manually till you get the best view of the target.

Also try to remember nearby objects for reference so that you can easily get back to the image if you happen to move your head during the process.

Always use a grip

Many people neglect this aspect and use the monocular without using any grip. Always prefer the ones that come with rubber grip on the outside along with a strap.

This will help you to hold the monocular firmly in your hands. Remember that the device is very small and it can easily fall when you are holding it in your hands.

Other than that, using a grip will also help you to hold it firmly even when you are wearing some hand gloves.

Use a tripod

This is something professionals will always do when they are using the monocular for viewing long range objects. When you fix it on top of the tripod, you will have very less disturbance and you can easily set the view without any hassles.

This is also very useful when you are working as a team and you want to show your team members about the object. You can easily fix the view and ask them to look into the monocular when you have a tripod stand.

As the monocular will be usually very light in weight, you do not need a heavy tripod for this purpose. The lightweight tripod will be more than enough to hold the monocular firmly and you can easily transport it from one place to another without any hassles.

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