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F.Dorla Dual Focus Monocular Telescope Review

The F.Dorla Dual Focus Telescope is a powerful yet durable telescope considering the price range. With arigid, matte finish, powerful and ultra-light-weight design, the device is best suited for outdoor viewing experiences like concerts to have an up and close look of your favorite superstars.

Go fishing with your mates and experience pods of dolphins from a faraway distance. Or take your kids to an educational trip for a camping extravaganza and witness rare species of birds. With the single hand operation, the F.Dorla provides groundbreaking results for viewing distant sceneries for all getaway activities.

It is inarguably the most advance monocular for all occasions. The Reason? Well for starters, the low-light-level design aids in examining objects in low light so that you get a vivid sight of your image even when the conditions are not so bright.

Not only this, but the 52mm diameter encompasses 42mm object lens and a 18mm eye lens for better results. Adding more towards clarity, this monocular can zoom 10x into a brief radius that will allow users to enjoy concerts, wildlife sceneries and much more.

And lastly, not to mention, the built design of this telescope is absolutely 100% waterproof. Means that you can easily take this on a rainy day out on the shore to witness beautiful waves and the mirror is tampered with high density nitrogen which will also deter fogging.


The F.Dorla Dual Focus Monocular Telescope is one of a kind telescope suitable for all ages and multiple purposes. Some of the main features this product entails are:

  • Durable and fully coated optics which will enable the user to view faraway objects at ease
  • Includes a handy carrying bag plus a neck strap
  • An enormous field of view at 66@8000 yards
  • A compact handheld design of 15.1cm x 5.2cm
  • Weighing approximately around 10.4 ounces



  • Single Hand Operation Feasibility
  • Powerful yet ultra-compact and lightweight for carrying purposes
  • Enables users to view in low-light environments
  • The lens has a waterproof design allowing you to use it in rain and humid environment.


  • The field of view is relatively small for stargazing
  • Cannot be utilized during the night time
  • Does not amplify its range more than x10


The quality that F.Dorla has been manufacturing in these spectacular telescopes is unbelievable. You can use this for a number of purposes.

One can simply avail the cost-effective price and benefit from a plethora of opportunities that this hand held device provides. We tried this device at several occasions and undoubtedly it has yet to put down our expectations by a mile.

Not only the low light feature helps you visually see things in a better perspective but the portability that this device bring to the table is incomparable. In overall perspective, this is an ideal purchase for those who are on a lookout for mid-entry level telescope that will fit just right within your budget.


Taking the in-depth analysis a little further, the F.Dorla isn’t the only competitor to reach the finish line by itself. The much renowned Miluo Tech is all up for grabs when it comes to the dual functionality monocular telescope.

Both of them feature the same lens diameter but the turning point is Miluo Tech provides a better zooming rate of 16x instead of just 10x that is provided by F.Dorla.

Also, Miluo Tech has fortified its telescope by adding a rubber armored coating just in case you are going on a rugged field trip where there is higher likelihood of you accidently dropping the telescope and fear any critical damages beyond repair. However, the F.Dorla model edges out Miluo by having an extra low-level light feature that will not restrict itself only to sunlight, but also can be used when the sun is about to set.


All in all, either one of these telescopes must be on your checklist because you know how imperative it is for you to capture and visualize those unique moments. However, in our perspective, the F.Dorla definitely has an edge towards all other competitors due its various functionalities and benefits.

Naming few like low-level light, waterproof and antifogging. This telescope will cover all your outdoor needs and provide the best resolution. Try it out for yourself and you will definitely consider recommending this to your colleagues.

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