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F.Dorla 10X50 Portable HD Dual Focus Optical Monoculars Telescopes Review

Are you looking for an easy to use a monocular telescope that will help in viewing your target objects at a distance with clarity and precision? Do you want to hold a solid monocular telescope that comes at an attractive price and is an ideal companion for all adventure activities?

Well, bring home the F.Dorla 10X50 Portable HD Dual Focus Optical Monocular Telescope and make your camping, hiking, bird watching, fishing, sports and concert trips meaningful and worthwhile. This telescope comes with a tripod stand and a cell phone so that your hands are free to use the telescope to your advantage.

The F.Dorla 10×50 telescope offers 10x magnification and has a 50mm objective diameter. There is the use of multi-coated optics to ensure that you enjoy bright and clear images.

The telescope is highly compact and can be carried easily in your backpack. It is lightweight, but has a rugged construction to offer very good durability.


The impressive features offered by the F.Dorla 10X50 Portable HD Dual Focus Optical Monocular Telescope are given below.

  • It comes with a tripod stand to mount the telescope so that your hands are free
  • Made using high-quality engineered plastic to offer better ruggedness and durability
  • It is offered with a cell phone holding stand to take photos and also comes with a compass function
  • It offers a magnification of 10x with 50mm objective diameter
  • The lens is made using BAK4 prism and hence clarity and sharpness of the image is guaranteed
  • It is built with ABS material with rubber covering for every port
  • This telescope is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof as well


  • Highly compact in size with dimensions of 2.44 x 1.73 x 6.3 inches
  • It easily fits in the pocket and backpacks
  • Weighs just 0.64 pounds
  • 10×50 magnification  with 114m/1000m field of view
  • The eyepiece and the lens are offered dust covers
  • Rubber grip for easy hold and for a non-slip nature
  • Compass and tripod stand to offer


  • The compass is not good quality
  • Not a powerful one


If you are looking at a quality scope for the beginners to carry while going on hunting or hiking trips, then F.Dorla 10×50 portable HD Dual Focus Optical monocular telescope is a very good choice. It is very easy to focus on far away objects and the images that you get of the objects are also pretty clear.

This is a great telescope to use for bird watchers, sports and concert event enthusiasts and hikers. It is not a good product for the professionals, but is a very good and affordable product for first-time telescope users.

The added attachments of cell phone holder and tripod stand made it a worthwhile piece to own. The F.Dorla 10×50 monocular telescope offers HD quality images and with a dual focus, it will not be a difficult task for the users to focus on far-off objects.

This telescope is dustproof, waterproof and shockproof and hence is an ideal monocular to use for clumsy users.


The performance and the quality of the F.Dorla 10×50 portable HD dual focus optical monocular telescope can be judged when it is compared with more or less similar telescopes of other brands. The first telescope chosen for comparison is the Miluo Tech 16×52 dual focus monocular telescope.

This Miluo Tech telescope does not have features like, shockproof, waterproof and dustproof and hence it is priced lower. It offers the field of view of 98m/8000m whereas the F.Dorla 10×50 offers a field of view of 114m/1100m.

The F.Dorla is ultra compact and easily fits into one’s pocket. It weighs just 0.64 pounds when compared to Miluo Tech that weighs 3.2 pounds.

The second telescope for comparison is the OUTERDO Monocular dual focus 16×52 with 10x magnification telescope. Its features are BAK4 prism material, 10x magnification, dual focus, 52mm objective lens and 16mm eye lens, waterproof and fogproof.

It does not come with a tripod stand to hold the telescope so that your hands are free to do other things. It also does not have a mobile phone holder to take pictures on the phone of the distant objects.


From the above comparison, it is very clear and evident that the F.Dorla 10×50 portable HD dual focus optical monocular telescope offers more features than what the other telescopes offer. This is a very good option for all budding telescope users as it has a rugged construction and is highly durable.

It is a perfect fit in one’s pocket due to its compact size and will also easily suit one’s limited budget. The tripod stand, compass and cell phone stand is additions on offer for this highly durable telescope.

It comes with the dual focus option for easy and quick focusing of distant objects.

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