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Enkeeo 16X52 Dual Focus Monocular Review

Monocular scopes are small, light and handy options for people considering scopes for hiking, trekking, hunting, and many other purposes. Despite their portable size and light weight, they are also able to pack a punch when it comes to power and performance.

This monocular is a good example of such. It comes with a magnification that is unmatched by many monocular manufacturers today.


  • 16x magnification
  • Water resistant
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Portable and convenient
  • Durable


If magnification is what you are mainly after with a monocular, the Enkeeo 16X52 Dual Focus Monocular can definitely deliver. It gives you an ultra-powerful 16x magnification that can see the farthest distance compared to other monocular scopes.

It also promises a clearer and noticeably brighter view with a whopping 52mm lens. You get the power and the clarity that you can get with only a single handheld device. You will truly be amazed by the power that this single handheld device can deliver.

If you are one to venture out into the open without backing out of even the most extreme situations and conditions, this monocular is definitely for you. It is fully protected from moisture, dust, dirt, debris and any particulates so that you get the clearest and most fog-free view that you can get from a monocular.

This feature also ensures that your device does not damage easily so that you can enjoy it for a longer time. Whatever weather you are experiencing, or whatever environment you are currently scouring, this monocular can definitely keep up.

The fully multi-coated optics of the Enkeeo 16X52 Dual Focus Monocular ensures that you get only the best and most stunning visuals with the grandest brightness and resolution. Your images will surely be the edgiest you’ve ever seen with such clarity that no matter how much you zoom into a spot, you are assured of a blur-free view that is as clear as it is at a close distance with your naked eye.

The quality of the image can be attested by the superb color quality of the images produced by the scope. You will easily be able to determine and distinguish between similar species with clarity that the scope has to offer.

Despite the superb quality of visuals with this scope, you can still be assured of portability. It comes with its own compact carrying case and lanyard so that it is easy to carry around with whether you go.

The lightweight built ensures that it is not be a burden to carry. Just as any monocular, the compactness and portability qualities are still present with this one.

The Enkeeo 16X52 Dual Focus Monocular is enclosed in strong external armor that protects it from damage. In addition to that, the armor enclosure has a non-slip surface for that non-slip grip that will prevent slips or falls, especially if you are out using it in wet weather.

The durable external is yet another feature that ensures that you will be able to use it for a long time. It will most likely be your best buddy when it comes to explorations and outdoor adventures.

This is the perfect scope for birders or other wildlife enthusiasts who want to view wildlife in exceptional detail. It is also perfect for concert-goers who may be seated or situated at far ends of the crowd so that they can get a better view.

It also makes a great hunting tool if you have the need for spotting animals or prey in the distance or along a trail. It is also the best and most powerful scope there is for trekkers or outdoor hobbyists who want a good portable device to be able to help them see long distances.


With a high-powered magnification and a large lens, some may find that the Enkeeo 16X52 Dual Focus Monocular is a bit difficult when it comes to focusing. As many scope or monocular owners know, the higher the magnification of a scope, the more difficult it is to steady.

You may need a stand or tripod to be able to steady it correctly so that you can get a good view without having to adjust and readjust every now and then. It is also not advisable for prolonged use, as monocular scopes may easily cause eye strain.


If power is what you are looking for in a scope, the Enkeeo 16X52 Dual Focus Monocular is definitely not the one to disappoint. Just make sure you know how to use it well since high powered monocular scopes may be a handful to handle, especially for the inexperienced or people who are more acquainted to the less powered devices.

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