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Digital Night Monocular, Bestguarder 6x50mm Digital Night Vision Monocular Review

A monocular that works as a camcorder is a truly special device. There are several reasons why you should love this scope. It can even record videos and take pictures for you!


  • Excellent clarity
  • 6x50mm magnification
  • Night vision
  • Camera and camcorder function


What the Bestguarder 6x50mm Digital Night Vision Monocular firmly takes pride in is its spectacularly excellent quality when it comes to clarity of visuals. You can definitely be assured of superb image quality so that you can clearly view objects, people, animals, or landscapes from far away with excellent detail.

This is especially important if you are a wildlife observer or a scientist seeking to detail characteristics of natural objects or of organisms in the environment. Also, if you are an avid birder, it may be important for you to clearly view what specific type of bird you are looking at with the scope.

It can magnify images up to six times the original size with its 1 to 5 times digital zoom so that you can easily and fully adjust the magnification according to what you need at the moment or if you want to scour an area first before focusing and panning into a specific spot or object.

This powerful and easy to focus magnification range is coupled with a 50mm objective lens so that you are given a wider scope with better image quality and brightness with the amount of light that the scope permits. You will not encounter a dull view with this scope because of the objective lens that will give you superb lighting and excellent performance.

And to ensure that you are able to maximize using it at any time of the day, the Bestguarder 6x50mm Digital Night Vision Monocular is night vision enabled. It has a built-in infrared feature that allows you to see even in the black of the night so that you can continue spotting trails and prey even at night.

Therefore, this scope is perfect for avid outdoorsmen who venture out even at night so that they are able to spot animals, object, or scout terrain in the dark to navigate the way through a trail. This infrared illuminator allows you to view up to a distance of 115 feet or 350 meters.

What is extraordinary with the Bestguarder 6x50mm Digital Night Vision Monocular is that it is able to actually take pictures and even record videos. Its camera is ready with 500 million pixels for a sharp image quality that you can use both with and without the infrared feature so that you can record images and videos even at night.

You can also stamp your images and recordings with date and time in case you would like to effectively file and store your images and videos as data for reference.

The camera features do not stop there though because this scope also comes with a video-out capability so that it can effectively function as a surveillance camera that you can connect to a TV with a TV connector or to a computer with a USB cable. If you would like to just store the images and videos as is, the device comes with a 32BG micro SD card that is included in the package.

This gives you a lot of space to record any images or videos with the device. In other terms, it can also function as an effective trail camera that you can use to record animal behavior in a certain trail for hunting purposes, or simply for wildlife observation.

You can also use this for security purposes so that you have a recorded data that you can use as evidence in case of robberies or breaking and entering.


Since the device is a monocular and only employs the use of one eye, you should be a bit weary of eye strain if you plan to use it for long periods, such as when watching birds or waiting for game to pass by. It may tire out your eyes easily and may limit your field of vision compared to viewing through two lenses.

With that being said, it is important to first determine how you are going to use it.


Having a digital night monocular is a very useful tool because it is not limited to just a few uses. Since theĀ Bestguarder 6x50mm Digital Night Vision Monocular comes with a camcorder feature, you can use it effectively for hunting and scouting, surveillance and security, and wildlife observation.

As it is equipped with night vision, it is handy for camping, exploring caves, navigating in the dark, fishing at night, and for search and rescue at night or during dark times.

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