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At The Optic Edge, we are a team of writers, experts, and tech enthusiasts who are passionate about bringing you honest, unadulterated reviews about the best models of monocular scopes to help you get the best out of your outdoor experience.

What We Do

At The Optic Edge, our goal is to provide our readers with in-depth reviews of the most advanced monocular models the industry has to offer. Monoculars are an important gadget for adventurers, explorers, hikers, hunters, and other people who spend a lot of time outdoors. Although monocular scopes serve the same purpose as binoculars, they are lighter and more portable, which makes them easier to carry around and handle on the go. We provide our readers with expert reviews of different brands of monoculars available on the market with the features, advantages, and disadvantages of each model as well as recommendations. We aim to furnish you with the most important information about the best monoculars to assist you in buying the best products that will deliver optimum performance on the field.

How We Do It

At The Optics Edge, our mission is to give our readers honest reviews about the best monoculars to serve as a guide when buying monoculars.

We carry out extensive tests of the products we review using different testing criteria. We also evaluate the reviews of users who already own the products to verify the claims of the makers. Our review methods are dynamic, and we will always update our procedures to ensure that we provide you with the most authentic reviews at every point in time.

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The Optics Edge is a professional review site which receives compensation from the makers of the products that we review. We are also part of the Amazon Associates program which makes it possible for us to earn affiliate commissions whenever you buy products from the Amazon links on our website. This does not, however, influence our reviews in any way. We are an independent website that provides only unbiased reviews of products. We don’t post paid or fake reviews which can lead you to buy products of inferior value.

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